Hello there and thanks for checking out the blog. If you’re an engaged couple, congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding!

Whether you’re the DIY-type{s} planning your own wedding or event, are bringing someone on board for the journey, or just a supportive friend/family member doing research for a loved one, I’m excited you’re here!

I’m Claudia Mays, lead planner and owner of An Amaysing Event, and, basically, I’ve had a passion for, and love of, gatherings and parties of all kinds for like… ever. I truly believe that magical things happen when people come together to celebrate special moments in life. Being a part of those moments, getting to share in those vibes, and being the creator of the backdrop upon which those celebrations are built, are the reasons why I do what I do.

To give you a little background on me, I’ve been planning events of all kinds for almost ten years as part of my roles at my day job. Although I’m lucky to do what I love now, my professional background started in accounting and financial services. A respectable career choice, of course, but, as it turns out, it just wasn’t ‘the one’ for me. So, in 2017, I decided to take a BossBabe-type leap of faith and ‘marry’ my love of celebrations with my passion for all things pretty, together, officially.

If you liked that little sprinkle of ‘cheese’ above, you’re definitely going to appreciate occasional ringers like last line throughout this blog. BUT, {I hope} you’ll also find little gems of honesty about what it’s really like to plan your own wedding from a real DIY-bride that planned her own wedding and now does it for a living.

I also truly hope you’ll find words of wisdom to encourage you on your journey, insight into the wedding and event planning process, and a few rad ideas to inspire you along the way. Because I really want your event to rock… no matter who’s planning it!

I’m so thrilled to launch this blog with the intention of sharing my knowledge with anyone interested in event planning.

Thanks again for stopping by, learning a bit about me and about how An Amaysing Event was created.

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